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For those of you who don't know. I am the VP of a cosplay makerspace in Salt Lake City  We have host classes of all types and we have one comimg up with Kohalu.…
He is out of his Ultra-cal and  the mold came apart like butter. It was crazy. It was the easiest pull I have ever done.  I have him  ready to clean up and  then do a couple of little air bubble patches and then I will be able to get my cold form! 

I will also be working on the leather parts for the belt, the note book holder, the other pouches and his  trousers, hopefully in the next week. I need to still work on  getting the chest cast done and  building that.  But I think I will be working on two projects at the same time. 

I will start working on Rems sculpt this weekend for Yaz as well.  I know it is short and sweet but It is late and we have a hell of a storm coming in and I have to  do my day job to pay for all the precious'es... 
I haven't had a lot of time with work to work on Ryuk, but yesterday, I  pulled a lot of my sculpt apart and started again. My head form is in an odd shape. ( I was so relaxed when it was made I was practically leaning back and so my head is looking up for the most part. Which has made it rather difficult to sculpt.  So I fixed the leaning face a bit ha-ha. I will in the future have another life form cast made. 

I also have  gotten my feathers ordered and will be starting on my chest piece as soon as I have it cast. I decided it would be eaiser to build on my own rather than the dozens of Armatures we have.  I should have some images up later. 
Starting in November of 2016, I have began a new project. I have always had a thing for the Baddies, or the Gods. And one always stood out as something that would be fun but I was never sure if I could pull it off. I wasn’t tall enough, thin enough or skilled enough… or so I kept telling myself. I have put all my doubts aside and I have decided to create Ryuk of Death Note.
My first step was simple- Plot him out. He isn’t exactly proportioned like a human, but I decided to take a page from the film that is currently in production and not from the comic. ( This way I can avoid arm extensions and stilts for the main cosplay at the convention. I will eventually have these in place for a photoshoot.) I chose this version for two reasons; I am a complete klutz while tired and stilts was a bad idea, the second reason was because I rather like the more life like version of him in the film than that of the comic. I thought it would be more visually pleasing to sculpt and play with.
It is important to plot out your costume. It isn’t just about what to make it with but how well can I

see? Will it be very hot to wear? Can I walk in stilts at a con after only a few hours of sleep? Will I have a handler? With Ryuk, I will need a handler. I will have limited vision, I will have to make sure I stay hydrated and wear heat out under armour as well as a possible cooling vest. I won’t be able to do stilts at the con as much as I would like the look simply for my safety.
Next step research and lots of it. I spent hours looking up images, various close ups of fabrics, props and even the details in the shinigami’s face. I am sculpting this, so I printed up a lot of reference images and have them taped up at my work station. I also have this amazing spread sheet I use to keep track of Ryuk ( and other projects). It has a planning tab, a timeline tab, and an acquisitions tab. This way I have everything listed and planned out and I have time goals to keep myself where I need to be to meet my deadline.
Where this helped on this project thus far was showing me where I had a flaw in my previous plan. I need to do a body double to build up his chest and back, this adds another at least two weeks to my initial time line.
Now the fun starts. I have my plan in place, I now know what I need and I have it all plotted out. It is time to build. The first step on this one, his face. I started sculpting his head, do my body double and then start on his chest and back. More to come~
Ryuk Sculpt form  part one Basic start by Grellish